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Courses Offered

Course Name

General Subjects combination (Any one group)

B.A. (Hons) Bengali Group(a) Philosophy, Education
Group(b) Political Science, Film Studies
Group(c) Political Science, Education
Education Group (a) Philosophy, History
Group (b) Philosophy, Political Science
Group (c) Economics, History
Group (d) Economics, Political Science
History Group (a) Political Science, Education
Group (b) Political Science, Economics
Group (c) Philosophy, Education
Group (d) Philosophy, Film studies
Political Science Group (a) History, Philosophy
Group (b) History, Economics
Philosophy Group (a) Education, History
Group (b) Education, Political Science

Course Name

General Subjects combination (Any one group)

B.Sc (HONOURS) Zoology Group (a) Physiology, Chemistry
Group (b) Environmental Science,Botany
Group (c) Environmental Science, Chemistry
Group (d) Physiology, Botany
Physiology Group (a) Zoology, Chemistry
Group (b) Zoology, Botany
Group (c) Zoology, Food & Nutrition
Chemistry Group (a) Physics, Mathematics
Botany Group (a) Zoology, Physiology
Group (b) Zoology, Chemistry
Group (c) Environmental Science, Physiology
Group (d) Environmental Science, Chemistry
Food & Nutrition Group (a) Chemistry, Physiology
Group (b) Chemistry, Environmental Science
Environmental Science Group (a) Chemistry, Food and Nutrition
Group (b) Chemistry, Zoology
Group (c) Chemistry, Physics
Group (d) Chemistry, Botany
Economics Group (a) Mathematics, Political Science

B.A. (GENERAL) (Any one group)

Group A History Political Science Philosophy
Group B History Political Science Economics
Group C History Political Science Education
Group D History Political Science Film Studies
Group E History Philosophy Education
Group F History Economics Education
Group G Political Science Economics Education
Group H Political Science Philosophy Education
Group I Political Science Philosophy Film Studies
Group J Bengali Political Science Economics
Group K Bengali Political Science Education
Group L Bengali Political Science Philosophy
Group M Bengali Political Science Film Studies

B.Sc. (GENERAL) Pure- Science Any one group

Group A Physics Chemistry Mathematics
Group B Political Science Food and Nutrition Film Studies
Group C Political Science Economics Film Studies
Group D Economics Mathematics Physics

B.Sc. (GENERAL) Bio- Science Any one group

Group A Zoology Botany Physiology
Group B Zoology Food and Nutrition Physiology
Group C Zoology Botany Environmental Science
Group D Zoology Food and Nutrition Environmental Science

*Compulsory Subjects in Part-I for all Degree Courses 1. English 2. Bengali or Alternative English

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